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7 Keto Noodle Recipes

You need to try these 7 keto noodle recipes! They range from spiralized zucchini to lupin flour noodles and everything in between.

Starting a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up pasta. Simply replace grain noodles with vegetable, almond flour, or even cheese-based alternatives. Some low-carb noodles like shirataki, kelp, and hearts of palm are pre-made, convenient, and easy to use. I’ve included a few DIY keto noodle recipes as well!

Explore these amazing pasta alternatives, and enjoy them topped with Keto Beef Bolognese or use them in noodle salads.

1) Easy Zoodles

Zucchini noodles are a great way to add vegetables to your diet. Pair these simple, easy, homemade zoodles with melted butter and parmesan for a simple meal. Add these keto vegetarian noodles to salads, soups, and crustless quiche!

2) Keto Noodles

These homemade keto noodles are easy to make and super delicious! This recipe uses mozzarella cheese and gelatin as its base. Ingenious! These keto noodles are great for those with nut allergies. No almond or coconut flours in this one!

3) Keto Lupin Flour Noodles

This 3-ingredient keto noodle recipe is made with lupin flour. This flour is made from a legumes similar to peanuts. They are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Try these amazing homemade fettuccine-style noodles the next time you’re craving pasta.

4) Palmini Hearts of Palm Noodles

These low-carb linguine noodles are made with hearts of palm. They are low calorie too. Hearts of palm noodles are perfect for those following a keto lifestyle. In fact, they come in at only 2 net carbs per serving. They are also gluten-free and taste great with carbonara sauce.

5) Easy Spaghetti Squash Noodles

Spaghetti squash is probably one of the easiest wheat pasta substitutes to make. This squash low in carbs and high in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Use it in Italian-style dishes or East and Southeast Asian-inspired recipes.

6) Kelp Noodles

Kelp noodles are low-calorie, low-carbohydrate noodles made out of seaweed. Surprisingly, these noodles have a neutral flavor profile.

These low-carb noodles are incredibly versatile. I recommend using them in in different ways, like this amazing noodle salad.

Kelp noodles are suitable for those on keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian diets.

7) Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki noodles are made from konjac root, have a neutral flavor and a slightly rubbery texture. They are one the best substitutes for grain pasta in recipes like buttered noodles, ramen, or lo mein.

Keep these 7 keto noodle recipes on hand. Pin to your “side dish” or “pasta board.

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